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Veneers & Cosmetic Dentistry

 Veneers can transform your smile in as few as two appointments. A thin layer of porcelain is used to recreate the natural look of a tooth. They can replace chipped or broken teeth, instantly straighten teeth, and close in unwanted gaps. They can also instantly brighten a smile to the exact shade you desire!

Our doctors have extensive cosmetic specialty training beyond the dental school basics. We use a local Chicago lab and custom shade matches to create your ideal smile. After a consultation, impressions are made so you can see how your smile will be transformed once the process is complete! Once the process has begun, and while the lab is creating your permanent veneers, temporary veneers are placed so you are able to go about your everyday activities!

What Our Clients Say


Our visit today was AMAZING! There were three of us, myself, my 9-yr-old and my 6-yr-old. We were taken right away and the entire staff from the check-in to check-out was just incredible. Dr. Dallas and staff made the visit fun and completely age appropriate for my little ones and they completely dissolved any anxiety the boys (or I) may have had. Perfect service, perfect care, perfect experience! We found our family dentist!!

Jaime R.

Patient of Dr. Dallas in Chicago | 6/12/2012